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Virtual Try On Watches Through Augmented Reality

One of the key questions, when buying a watch online is, “How will it look on my wrist?” 
Currently, online stores can give you lots of size and color data but there is no substitute for actually seeing the watch on your wrist.

As technology has changed and keeps changing, buyers’ behavior will keep changing. Buyers now communicate, choose, recognize the items and purchase in a whole different way. 

The era of flat-screen e-commerce is over. Immersive technologies like Augmented Reality are just beginning to have an impact in the highly competitive world of online shopping and it has already given birth to ideas such as a virtual trying on.  AR-Watches is an innovative app that brings the power of Augmented Reality to the pleasure of purchasing a new watch.

This new Augmented Reality watch app will make online watch shopping take off. Not only will it make it easier for customers to make decisions and purchase watches, it will also enable savvy brands to expand their market and boost their high-status brand recognition, for free!

How It Works

The new app changes everything. Simply pointing the camera at your wrist, the AR overlays an image of the watch. You can even rotate your wrist and, following your movements, the watch will rotate, too.

You can choose to have extra details, for example labels that also appear highlighting key selling points like the materials and other features. You can even take a still image to help you to compare.

Increased Publicity

Having images of your wrist sporting a high-end watch could also be extremely attractive to new customers. People who aspire to owning an exclusive timepiece could take pictures of their wrist with the watch on it. Some might use is as a motivational tool to help them push towards their goals. Others may share the images with their friends via social media - who might then seek to use the app for themselves.

Early-adopters of such an AR solution will also benefit from the enhanced publicity options that come with original products. This could include news and magazine publishers. 

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, it is always hard to navigate the noise. For innovative brands AR-Watches is a clear opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
The product can also be suitable for a series of social media campaigns to spread brand awareness.

Download for free: iOS, Android