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Augmented Reality Watch App: A New Tool to Buy Watches Online

While watch enthusiasts spend their days surfing watch blogs, magazines, forums and other watch-related pages on the World Wide Web eager to find a unique piece to complement their collections with, you, as an online watch store go out of your way to show that the desired timepiece belongs precisely with you.

Through stunning photos, detailed descriptions of features and functions, and of course, through your good reputation as a quality provider, you eventually have the potential customers turning the pages of your website. A lot of them. But then, after a long time of consideration, all of a sudden they bounce back without actually hitting that purchase button.

Why Don't Buyers Buy?

Why do buyers feel reluctant to buy what they really like online? More often than not, it is not the price. The reason for not being able to make a purchase decision has a great deal to do with people not feeling confident that whatever they see and like online, will please them as much in real life. 

There are many things that matter: the look, the feel and, most importantly, the size of the watch. After all, how the item fits decides whether we take or leave it. In fact, research has it that 22% of products purchased online looks different, a fine ground for returns.

The App to Help Choose a Watch Online

As in many spheres of life, here too technology comes in to assist innovative watch brands to break the barrier between their online products and their potential customers. Who would ever even think of trying on watches online? Not many, certainly. However, it is now a reality, more precisely, augmented reality.

At AR-Watches, we have created the app with great customer experience in mind. Recognized as a top AR/VR Company on DesignRush, AR-Watches features super-realistic 3D models to allow customers to try on their favorite watches, find out their right fit in terms of size and style and feel confident before adding the items, and perhaps additional ones for it is such a fun, into their shopping carts.
The app also allows to take photos, share and compare watches with friends in social media helping brands go viral.